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Homemade Slippers

Old wool sweaters have another life! Here’s how to make warm slippers from your old wool sweaters.

Make Felt

Left naturally the sweater will frey and not last long under your feet. Toss the sweater into the washer and dryer with the next several loads of laundry.

It will shrink and become a bit stiffer.


If its a giant sweater it may be easier to cut it in half first.


Cut It Out

There are 3 parts to the slippers:

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Back

Start with the bottom.


Put your foot on the sweater and cut out around it. Leave like 1/2 of an inch extra.

Take the bottom and cut out another, identical.

bottom bottom


Lay the remaining sweater over the top of your foot. Cut out around your foot again, leaving about 1/2 of an inch extra.

top top1


Last of all the back can be cutout. Cut out a rectangle that is long enough to reach around the back of your foot, and tall enough to keep your foot in.

back back1

Sew It Together

The top and bottom will be sewn together first. Sew it strong! Everything is sewn inside out… when you do slipper 2, make sure you sew it opposite of slipper 1 so that you do not have 2 slippers for 1 foot :)


Test Fit

The slippers should look something like this… hopefully!


Do they fit?