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How To Make This Site [Old]

👋 Thanks for reading! Things have changed since this was written, take it with a grain of salt ;)

This tutorial was original made for a python static site generator. Since then, this site has moved to the 11ty ssg. The original site can still be found here.

This site can be made in a few simple steps -

  • Setup the project
  • Add content
  • Register a domain with Google
  • Add CNAME records

Clone this project

Clone the project

git clone

Create a virtual environment

# rename project
mv '' 'myproject'
cd myproject
virtualenv venv

# activate (you do have python installed, right?)
source venv/bin/activate

# install a few packages
pip install jinja2
pip install markdown2
pip install pigments
pip install html5print
pip install csscompressor

Make a directory for the website to generate into

mkdir website

Add a git repo to your project

# one for the markdown
git init
git remote add origin /path/to/remote

cd website
git init
git remote add origin /path/to/remote

Add content

First, update the book.json file to your site information.

The home page is top level in the directory - Any other page for the site is in the pages/ directory.

After adding a new page the book.json file needs to be updated to include the new page in the menu.

When you are ready to publish your content, be sure the virtual environment is active. Then run the update script.


# or on windows cmder
bash build.bash

Register a Domain With Google

Navigate to and register a domain. Got to the DNS tab and add in the CNAME information.


Add CNAME Records to your project

cd ../site
touch CNAME
nano CNAME

Add two lines to the CNAME file

Finally, build and push the site.


Nice! You will be able to see you site now at!