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How to Customize Gitea

πŸ‘‹ Thanks for reading! Things have changed since this was written, take it with a grain of salt ;)

∞ Language Changes

All language changes for keywords are in the i18n files. In our case we need to change the app_desc on the home page.

  1. Login to server
  2. Change user to β€œgit” sudo su git
  3. Change directory to Gitea. cd /home/git/gitea/custom
  4. Make directory for change. mkdir options && cd options
  5. Make directory for languages. mkdir locale && cd locale
  6. Create language file. nano locale_en-US.ini
  7. Copy everything from the template source from Gitea.
  8. Change any lines that you want changed.
  9. Exit as git user. exit
  10. Restart Gitea service. sudo systemctl restart gitea

∞ Edit Home Page

Navigate as git user to /home/git/gitea/custom

  1. Make a directory for the templates. mkdir templates && cd templates
  2. Create template file & copy in source. nano home.tmpl
  3. Restart Gitea service after making changes. sudo systemctl restart gitea

∞ Change Landing Page

Navigate as git user to /home/git/gitea/custom/conf

Edit app.ini

sudo nano app.ini

# add section:
LANDING_PAGE = explore

∞ Restart Gitea After Changes

The Gitea service must be restarted for any changed to take affect.

sudo systemctl restart gitea


sudo systemctl stop gitea
sudo systemctl start gitea